The significance of an ultrasonic inspection is decisively influenced by the signal quality. For the highest inspection requirements, different specially designed probes must therefore be used depending on the demands.

That is why we offer you:

  • Own probe design with support by simulation software
    Simulation tools for calculating sound fields and a deep understanding of boundary conditions help in probe design. As a system manufacturer, we have both and can tailor probes to customers' specific needs.
  • Manufacture of the probe
    For manufacturing, we work together with carefully selected, certified partners.
  • Characterization and measurement of each delivered probe for quality assurance purpose
    In addition to the design, it is crucial to verify whether a probe also meets the requirements placed on it.
    For this purpose, the performance data are determined automatically at modern measuring stations. For example, the sound field geometry is measured and documented. Based on the results, detailed specifications can be made for the settings of mechanical and electrical parameters for the test.