Testbenches & Lines

For the SliRo's developed by us, we also offer our specially developed test benches on which they can be placed. The test benches ensure perfect guidance and uniform feed in the rotations by means of special centering units.

Test benches offer you:

  • Fully automated dimensional changes
  • PLC control always according to the state of the art
  • Available in any conceivable length

All test benches are also available directly as a test line with bar and tube separation, sorting and conveyors as well as other NDT measuring devices, defect markers or similar.

Available test bench sizes:

TypeMaterial Diameter
PRB254 bis 25mm
PRB908 bis 90mm 
PRB14020 bis 145mm 
PRB20030 bis 205mm 
PRB28050 bis 285mm 
PRB37070 bis 375mm 

For SliRo 280S, 370S as well as 450S we offer (also) test towers instead of test benches.