SliRoEcho Hardware

SliRoEcho inspection electronics is a powerful universal ultrasonic electronics specifically designed to meet the special requirements of inspection with SliRo ultrasonic rotating equipment. It is characterized by:

  • Performance
  • modular structure
  • Hot-plug capability
  • Usable dynamic range >75dB
  • extensive interfaces for displacement sensors, marking, sorting and PLC signals

equipped with SliRoEcho ultrasound operating software V17.0



S (Standart) - Version

  • for 1-26 test channels
  • 19“-rack


CompactVersion SliRoEcho 17.0 - 8 Chanel

  • for 1-8 test channels
  • 19“-rack


NEW: SliRoEcho now also with integrated sound field measurement SliRoBeamplotter