SliRoEcho Software

Specially developed evaluation software for the powerful SliRoEcho ultrasonic electronics.

Among other things, it has:

  • Virtual probe positioning (VPP)
  • Extensive adjustment tools for dimension changes
  • Settings database
  • Test results database
  • Interface for easy integration into production data acquisition systems (PDA)
  • User management with adjustable access restriction, depending on the operator UT level (1-3)

For the acquisition of:

  • Longitudinal flaws
  • Oblique flaws
  • Transverse flaws
  • Lamination
  • Wall thickness
  • Eccentricity (in %)
  • Ovality
  • Threshold undercut
  • Coupling control
  • Outer and inner diameter

NEW: SliRoEcho now also with integrated sound field measurement SliRoBeamplotter