Wagework & Engineering

Turning, milling, grinding, drilling, sawing

With modern CNC machines we offer all common production methods of metalworking.

Whether series production or the manufacture of individual parts and prototypes - we respond to your individual customer requirements and implement your production drawings exactly.

Don't you have production drawings yet?

We have the required engineers and designers in-house. They will implement your idea or help you with it.



These following machines are used by us for wagework:

 QuantityBrandWorking area
CNC milling + turning1MTE   KT 3200X= 3000  Y=1400  Z=2000 ( 2500 )
   rotate horizontally up to diameter 2500
   vertical rotation diameter 1200 length 2000
CNC turning1CTX 400 with driven toolCenter height: 300mm, max. Turning length: 600mm
 1CTX 410 with driven toolCenter height: 300mm, max. Turning length: 600mm
 1CTX 600 with driven toolCenter height:380mm, max. Turning length: 2000mm
Turning1Lathe VDF V630Center height: 315mm, max. Turning length: 2500mm
 1Lathe Gema LZ160Center height: 325mm, max. Turning length: 750mm
 1Lathe Cholchester Triumph VS 2500Center height: 195mm, max. Turning length: 1250mm
 1Leadscrew lathe Schaublin 135Center height:135mm, max. Turning length: 630mm
 1Carousel lathe NilesCenter height: 800mm, max. Turning length: 700mm
Flat disc diameter: 1400mm
CNC-milling1Deckel Maho DMU 100      5 axesx= 1250mm    y= 710mm      z= 710mm
 1Deckel Maho DMU 70 V    5 axesx= 710mm      y= 520mm      z= 520mm
 1Korradi UW2 B-CNC          3 axesx= 580mm      y= 380mm      z= 410mm
Milling1Milling machine Schaublin 53x= 700mm      y= 190mm      z= 430mm
 1Milling machine Schaublin 53Nx= 700mm      y= 220mm      z= 430mm
 1Milling machine TOS/FA 3 Ax= 900mm      y= 230mm      z= 320mm
Boring mill1Boring mill Union BFT 90/3x= 1600mm    y= 1250mm    z= 1600mm
Grinding1Surface grinding machinex= 500mm      y= 350 mm     z= 450mm
 1Surface grinding machinex= 1500mm    y= 600mm      z= 370mm